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Five Must-Know Facts About Structured Settlement Payment Sales

1) It puts you in control of your own money sooner

Rather than forcing you to wait for your structured settlement payments to arrive over a long period of time, structured settlement payment sales enable you to receive a lump sum of cash sooner in exchange for these future payments. This money will usually be paid to you within 60 to 90 days, but individual circumstances may vary.

2) It may be the most financially sound way for you to get out of debt

If you are facing a financial crisis, selling your structured settlement payments may be the best way for you to keep yourself from being buried in debt. When compared to other solutions people that are short of cash may turn to - including borrowing on a credit card, cashing out a 401(k), or taking a second mortgage out on a home, to name just a few - selling your structured settlement payments may offer the best overall solution.

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3) There may be a way for you to arrange a "partial payment sale" of your structured settlement transfer.

This is a sale in which the structured settlement factoring company agrees to buy just a portion of your future payments in exchange for cash, enabling you to get both money now to take care of any current problems, and still receive a portion of your settlement payments in the future.

4) The more educated you are about the transaction, the better off you'll be

It is imperative that anyone considering selling their structured settlement payments take whatever time is necessary to understand all the details of the transaction, and not rush into making any deal that he or she does not fully understand.

5) Not every company that specializes in purchasing structured settlement payments is the same

There are a wide range of companies that specialize in purchasing structured settlement payments. Make sure that you find a reputable, established, and stable company to handle your transaction.

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