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Structured Settlement Payment Sales - How They Work

A structured settlement is a settlement of a claim or lawsuit by means of periodic payments. The recipient of a structured settlement receives regular payments over a predetermined period of time - payments that can conceivably continue for years into the future.

The most common recipients of structured settlement payments are usually victims of car accidents and medical malpractice that are given these funds to cover current and future medical expenses, educational expenses, and/or a variety of other expenses.

Structured settlement factoring companies provide an important service in situations where the structured settlement recipient cannot afford to wait for these periodic payments. Rather than sinking further into debt, the recipient offers to sell all or a portion of their structured settlement payments in exchange for a lump sum of cash - money that the structured settlement factoring company can usually provide at a much sooner date than those original payments were scheduled to arrive.

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What follows is the step-by-step process through which a person can sell structured settlement payments to a structured settlement factoring company. Hopefully, you'll gain a better understanding of just how easy a transaction through J.G. Wentworth can be. It's important to know that this transaction is a structured settlement payment sale, not a structured settlement loan.

1) Contact the structured settlement factoring company to discuss selling your structured settlement payments. Be prepared to discuss your specific financial situation and needs.

2) If you qualify, the company will determine the value of your specific structured settlement payments and make an offer for your payments.

3) You will then have to gather the documents related to your specific structured settlement agreement and send them to the structured settlement factoring company.

4) A judge will look over your contract selling your structured settlement payments, a legally-mandated process that may last anywhere from 60 to 90 days.

5) Once the court approves the structured settlement sale, and all necessary underwriting requirements have been met, the structured settlement factoring company sends you a check for an agreed upon lump sum!

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