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Structured Settlement Payment News

The following two case studies are examples of a customer situation where help is needed. While these stories are for illustration purposes only, they are extremely common situations that lead to people calling structured settlement factoring companies to sell their future payments for cash.

Charlie, from Orlando Florida, was the proud father of a newborn. When his wife, Robin, came back from the hospital with their new baby, he knew his life was changed forever. Medical complications in the delivery room meant that he was now the primary caregiver for both his wife and new baby daughter.

Charlie and his wife eventually won their lawsuit, but it took years to win their case. By the time they received their structured settlement - monthly payments for the rest of Robin's life - the family was drowning in debt for nursing costs and other expenses.

Charlie originally considered a structured settlement loan from a bank, but he did not want to incur additional debt. Luckily Charlie found J.G. Wentworth, which specializes in purchasing structured settlement payments. The family sold some settlement payments to get caught up on bills, and since they did not sell all of their monthly payments, they were able to receive both a lump sum of cash and a portion of their future payments intact. Robin will soon be getting her monthly payments back, and their life can soon get back to normal. Charlie thanks J.G. Wentworth for helping him through this terrible time.

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The next story, adapted also for illustration purposes, comes from Lois, in Wilmington, Delaware. What is interesting about Lois' case is the fact that she simply went with a company that offered her the most cash for her structured settlement payments.

Lois' situation was as follows: she needed to sell her structured settlement payments to pay off some bills. She didn't have the time or the interest to 'pit' one company against the other; instead, her basic strategy was to just sell her payments to the company that gave her the best offer.

What surprised Lois was how different structured settlement factoring companies were from one another. Immediately, J.G. Wentworth offered her $5,000 more than any other company she contacted. She realized that the company that treated her right from the beginning would treat her right until the end, and she was correct. Once her paperwork was completed and the legal hurdles resolved, J.G. Wentworth did exactly what they had promised her - which was give her that cash sooner.

If you find yourself in a situation like Charlie or Lois, you may be able to receive a lump sum for your structured settlement payments. Don't settle for a structured settlement loan. Simply contact a structured settlement factoring company to discuss your situation.

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