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Three Frequently Overlooked Advantages to Selling Your Structured Settlement Payments

If you need cash, and are currently receiving structured settlement payments, selling these payments may be your best solution to the short-term financial difficulties you are facing. Here are three frequently overlooked advantages to selling structured settlement payments:

1) It does not add on to any of your existing debt

What's important to understand about structured settlement payments is that it is your money; the fundamental change you're making is when you will receive it. So, as opposed to borrowing money from your bank or credit card, or from friends or family members, selling your structured settlement payments won't increase any debts or obligations to these parties. You are simply getting your own cash sooner in exchange for selling your future payments.

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2) It is usually a tax-free transaction

The tax treatment of a structured settlement, similar to all settlements for personal injury, is governed by Sections 104(a) (2) and 130 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), which provides for tax free status of structured settlement payments. Section 5891(a) of the IRC extends these same tax protections to the proceeds from the sale of structured settlement payments, provided that the federal and state statutory requirements are met. Contact a qualified tax or financial advisor to discuss your specific situation.

3) You may be able to structure the sale so as to receive some cash now and still maintain a portion of your long-term payment stream.

Selling your structured settlement payments is not necessarily an "all or nothing" transaction. Talk to the account representative at your structured settlement payment company to discuss whether you can sell just a portion of these payments and still receive income from your structured settlement in the future.

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